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Reunion and Large Group Q & A's


We are planning a reunion, but some family members want their own space, do we all have to stay in one cabin?

-NO! While we pride ourselves on our reunion house and multiple other available cabins that can house families under one roof, we understand that sometimes people just need their own space.  If this sounds like you, check out our Large Group Accomodations page and check out our many other areas of the resort that are conveniently grouped and spaced in tight knit areas where you can gather in community spaces between your units and still have your own cabin to return to.

The cabins and sleeping arrangements are great!  Is there a place we can access any professional A/V equipment for planned activites?

-YES!  While all our lage group accommodations have ample gathering space in or outside the units, sometimes groups want a more professional setting to show slideshows, videos, etc.  Check with the front desk to see if our event center will be available.  Additional charges may apply